Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our Rottweilers. The first step in our adoption

process is to fill out and return an Adoption Application.​  You must be a resident of TX to adopt one of our Rottweilers.

When we receive the application it will be screened 100% on the information the adopter provides. 

The next step will be a home check.  Our home checks are performed by local volunteers.

Next, a meet and greet, is scheduled with the Rottweiler and the Adopter's family. 

Provided all goes well, the next step is a 2 week trial adoption period with our Rottweiler in the Adopter's home.  At the end of the 2 weeks if it is determined that the home is a perfect fit for both our Rottie and the family an Adoption Contract will be signed by all parties.  At that point ownership is transferred from the Rescue to the Adopter.

We are very  particular about the Furever Homes our Rotties are placed in.  Without exception, our Rotties have come from abusive and neglectful homes.  Our Mission is to make certain their lives while in Rescue and after Adoption are safe and loving Forever.  It is for this reason, that certain conditions are clearly defined in the Adoption Contract which among other things states, that should the Adopter not be able to care for the Rottweiler then he/she will be returned to A Rottie Rescue, Inc.

It is for these reasons that we whisper in each of our Rottie's ears at the time of adoption:

"You have nothing to worry about.  You are safe Forever in Rescue. You are a very special Rottie".

PLEASE send us an email for an Adoption  Application at: