( The return of an Adoption Application to us is the first step in our adoption process. )

The filling out of an Adoption Application does not imply directly or indirectly that our Rottweiler will be placed in the Applicant's home.  A Rottie Rescue, Inc., reserves the right at any time during the adoption process to decline/reject placement of one of our Rottweilers in an adopter's home if it is discovered through our checks that the Applicant Adopter has a home and/or background we deem to be unsuitable for ownership of one of our Rottweilers.  

LAYLA, Female, 3 yrs old, housebroken, crate trained, knows some obedience commands.  Layla gave birth 8 weeks, so she is not spayed yet, but will be prior to adoption placement.  She is UDT on her shots.  Layla is a very beautiful, sweet and very loving Rottie girl.  She gets along with other dogs and LOVES children

REX, German Rottweiler, Male,  2 yrs old, UTD on shots and neutered.  Rex is professionally trained in obedience.   A video of very handsome Rex is available.

DEANGELO, Male, 1 yr old, UTD shots and neutered.  Deangelo is an amazing young fellow who found his way into a trap we had set for another Rottie.  Deangelo has been professionally trained in obedience commands.  He also will shake with both paws.  One of his training videos is available.  He is a gorgeous and very very sweet and loving Rottie x boy.


BANE, Male, 4 yrs old

Neutered,UTD on shots, crate trained, knows all basic obedience commands, housebroken, gets along with dogs and cats are an unknown.

MARGIE, Female, 4-5 yrs old, spayed, UTD on shots, housebroken, LOVES children, loves other dogs and knows obedience commands.   A Dream come True, beautiful Rottie girl.  A video is available on Margie.   That is Margie up front in the center photo.

TAZZ, Male, 2 yrs old, UTD shots and neutered.  Tazz is a very handsome and fun loving boy and has been professionally trained in obedience commands.  A video of Tazz is available.

NALA, Female, 4 yrs old

One Brown Eye and One Blue Eye

We Rescued,Nala and her family from Houston, TX landfill where they had been dumped.  Nala's 2 puppies and their Dad have been adopted.   Nala is very sweet, loving, and gentle.  She is crate trained, housebroken, knows basic obedience commands, gets along with other dogs and LOVES children. No cats.  Nala is a wonderful wonderful family dog.   She is spayed and UTD on her shots  Videos are available on Nala.  She is a beautiful Rottie X baby.

SIX ROTTIE MIX PUPPIES, 4 months old,  from the same littler - surrendered without their mother

Left to Right- Micha (male), Madison (female) MJ (male), Maci (female), Mason (male, brown puppy), Marshall (male)

Videos available for Micah and Madison &  Mason and Marshall.